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When choosing your geyser you may also need accessories e.g Weather Cover or Regulator, so either browse and select the suitable accessories (more information on the accessory page) or you can simply choose a BUNDLE option which includes all necessary accessories. If you are unsure of what you should be buying, please contact us for assistance with sizing your geyser

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Everything you need to know about Dewhot

  • Dewhot is a leading South African Brand, focused specifically on LPG gas geysers.
  • Many years industry experience, with over 15000 units sold in the South African market
  • Exceptional reliability and durability, these units are built for local conditions, and to the highest quality standards.
  • Superior value for money


6lt Dewhot Outdoor gas geyser
8lt Dewhot Outdoor gas geyser
10lt Dewhot Outdoor gas geyser
12lt Dewhot Outdoor gas geyser
16lt Dewhot Outdoor gas geyser
16lt Constantly Hot Dewhot




See our gas geyser accessory page or our packaged bundles


You can buy the installation package in our store (click here) or you can click on our list of recommended installers and contact them directly. ALL UNITS must be installed by a certified installer.

FEATURES | Standard outdoor units

  • Domestic instant water heater with natural exhaust;
  • Water gas linked automatic ignition, No pilot light;
  • Automatic pulse ignition from two standard torch batteries;
  • Stainless steel front panel;
  • LCD temperature gauge;
  • Flame height, gas flow knob;
  • Temperature, water flow knob;
  • On & off switch for cold or hot water;
  • Water pressure 0.3 -5.0 bar
  • Water pressure stabilizing design;
  • Starting indicator light;

FEATURES | 16t Constant Temperature

  • Domestic constant temperature unit with natural exhaust
  • Automatic water flow/gas linked ignition
  • Automatic pulse ignition from one “D” cell torch battery
  • Aluminium coated front panel
  • LCD control panel to set desired water temperature
  • Automatic flame height/water flow control
  • Constant temperature with varying water flow
  • Can mix with cold water
  • Water pressure 0.3-5 bar

FEATURES | 12t Low Pressure

  • Operates from one-meter to a fifty-meter head of water pressure
  • Can be mounted indoors or out
  • Needs a flue
  • Flow range from 3lts/min to 12Lts/min
  • Flow control tap on cold water supply.
  • Allows addition of cold water
  • Water flow sensor no diaphragm to freeze
  • Automatic start, runs on two torch batteries
  • Has adjustable pressure relief valve/drain stem
  • Anti-corrosive aluminum coated


Instruction Manual
This get shipped with the geyser and has everything in it that you need to know about the dewhot geyser.

How to choose your Geyser
this is a guideline as to what geyser performs best in what scenario.

Cascading your Geysers
If you need to combine a series of geysers this will show you what combination will work best.


  • Purchase your appliance with full confidence, aftersales service and support is un-rivalled
  • The units carry a 1 year warranty against defects
  • Spares are freely available, and we can provide “service and repair” services for your geyser

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