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What about Safety? Safety is Paramount

As from 1997, only registered LP Gas installers shall install and maintain LP Gas installations. This is relevant to all fitted gas appliances. In addition, home owners selling their homes are required to provide a Certificate of Compliance for all fitted gas appliances. These may only be issued by registered LP Gas installers.
The LP Gas Association of South Africa is the body responsible for training and registering all installers in South Africa. They have also implemented several schemes to assist with LP Gas safety in South Africa including: Issuing safety regulations, Testing cylinders for safety and conformance and Testing appliances for safety and conformance.

LP Gas
Whilst LP Gas is considered a hazardous substance, stringent quality and safety standards are adhered to in South Africa. LP Gas is an odourless gas, but as required by law, a unique odour is added to LP Gas so that even the slightest leak is detected immediately. The use of LP Gas in homes has thus proven to be safe provided it is installed professionally and used correctly.

Provided your installation has been done by a registered installer, you have read and observed the appliance instruction and your gas supply is maintained by a reputable retailer, safety should be of no concern to you. However, in the interest of imparting knowledge, here are some safety tips for your perusal:

Installing New Gas

  • Always use a registered installer when installing new gas appliances and when maintaining, servicing or repairing an existing gas pipeline (registered installers are required to carry a registration ID card).
  • Always use a reputable gas retailer/distributor and ensure that the cylinders are visually inspected at the time of each replacement (this includes checking for cracked or damaged hoses, washers, etc).
  • Ensure that the cylinders you have received are not rusted or damaged in any way.
  • Hoses, clamps and regulators need to be replaced as per the instructions from your installer.
  • Ensure that cylinders are stored as per the instructions from your installer.
  • Do not attempt to replace, change or remove any part of the installation.
  • Only purchase and install appliances that have been tested for safety and conformance by the LP Gas Association (a list of these is available and your Installer will advise you of this as well).
  • Always read the operating instructions of each appliance before using them.
  • It is good practice to keep a fire extinguisher in your home.

LP Gas Cylinders

LP Gas cylinders must be placed:

  • 1 metre away from any door
  • 1 metre away from any window1 metre away from any airbrick
  • 2 metres away from any open drain or air conditioner inlet
  • 5 metres away from any electrical source of ignition (e.g. plug, motor, DB Board)