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Why Gas Water Heaters & Cooking Appliances are becoming Vogue?

It’s only since about 2008 that the interest in alternative energy sources, became a top-of-mind, topic of conversation in many households. This was as a result of the impact on our lifestyles and inconvenience suffered as a result of the real issues being experienced by Eskom, (read = Load-shedding) were brought to our very doors. Add to this the ever escalating cost of electricity, with erratic supply thrown in. Since then the issues have only compounded themselves, and the reality is that it probably get worse before it gets any better and appears it will stay with us for some time to come.

Given that a large portion of electricity bills are attributed to heating water in electric geyser, Gas water heaters (Geysers as they are generally referred to) have become an increasingly popular choice. Also, and in most circumstances, the installation of gas water heaters is usually lower than that of other sources such as heat pumps or solar geysers. Also you need a sizeable investment in Inverters and accompanying batteries to provide enough power to heat enough water for a family, assuming you had poser to charge the batteries to begin with, Solar aside.

So,… what’s to be done? Well you and I can’t really change the situation at Eskom, but it’s not all doom and gloom. We do have the choice to make use of alternative sources of energy for our most basic needs, and whilst we don’t have gas powered TV’s, we still need heat sources for heating water and cooking food, and that my fellow citizens is where gas water heaters and cookers come to the fore.

A gas water heater is designed to replace the electric geyser. They are mounted either inside or outside, and are safe and convenient to use. They can result in an energy cost saving of between 40 and 50%, of you current water heating bill. Our range of water heaters, will heat water as and when you need it – resulting in an endless supply of hot water, at the turn of the tap, quite literally. No more pilot lights, or rushing outside in the cold to fire up the geyser, it’s now all done automagically.

Gas stoves offer the users similar convenience, safety and ease of use, whilst still being aesthetically pleasing. Not only that, we offer you that same ease of use, and convenience in the great outdoors